The 2ND LIFE sweater by THE BAD SEEDS COMPANY was made by hand. The model has a wide boat neckline and sleeves without cuffs. The 2ND LIFE Pullover by THE BAD SEEDS COMPANY is soft and practical. You`r going to love it! Combine the sweater as you like. The 2ND LIFE sweater is different from usual cotton sweaters by the interesting material. It is made of recycled cotton from old jeans. The jeans cotton recycling process is environment friendly, the water and energy consumption is low. The 2ND LIFE sweater by THE BAD SEEDS COMPANY was handmade in our small knitwear workshop.


THE BAD SEEDS COMPANY has committed itself to the exclusive use of sustainable and environmentally friendly textiles. Renewable raw materials, which grow in Europe and therefore do not have to be transported around half the world, play a particularly key role for us. Not all the raw materials we use are in possession of an eco-certification. We place value on certifications where they make sense. The cultivation of hemp is not allowed everywhere. In many Eastern European countries, hemp is mostly cultivated by small farms which cannot afford a certification process. The fact that this hemp nevertheless is the most environment-friendly textile speaks for itself, because hemp does not require any pesticides due to its nature, especially since it is not a large-scale intensive cultivation and THC-containing hemp is added during the sowing. Subsequent certification of this production chain would result in unequally excessive costs. THE BAD SEEDS COMPANY invests this money in the labour force and produces its products in small and medium sized craft businesses in Italy and Germany. Fair trade is a particularly important focus for us. We from THE BAD SEEDS COMPANY know our tailors personally and believe in the fair trade.

2nd LIFE PULLOVER purple opulence UNISEX

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Color: Purple Opulence
  • Material: 100% Recycled Cotton


    Our model Vivien is wearing size S , our model Jan is wearing size L.


    In the production of a jeans can be put up to 20'000 liters of water.

    Therefore, it can be worthwhile not to throw away a worn-out jeans, but to breathe new life into it.

    In an environmentally friendly process our old jeans are spun to "new" cotton yarn.


    The jeans yarn can keep up with new cotton quality. It is robust, has warming properties and keeps the wind off like a jean.

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