The BSC Story


The Bad Seeds Company (BSC) has its origins in the beautiful village of Neumarkt in South Tyrol, Northern Italy, a region rich in tradition of high-quality textiles. As early as in the 80s and well before their time, husband and wife team Andreas Geier and Barbara Trenti proactively promoted slow and sustainable fashion in their creative Lifestyle Café in Leifers. To give their label the needed business boost, the family moved to Northern Germany in 2015. This is where they met business development expert Katrin Taylor Voss through their joint love for music and founded the Bad Seeds Company. BSC started the online business of their Italian Designer fashion made of sustainable, 100% hemp denim fabric, 2ND Life recycled cotton and a selection of other natural fibers like nettle and linen. The near unacceptable and yet unchangeable conditions of online orders and shipping together with their insight that even their selected and conscientious BSC customers had already been infected with the Amazon consumer behaviour bug of ‘purchase 3 and send 2 back’ made them change course. All three executives packed up their business and moved their families back to Neumarkt, South Tyrol. Once returned, Barbara opened BSC´s new flagship store incorporating a bespoke tailors’ workshop, home of all new designs while Andreas and Katrin set out to organically grow a sustainable B2B business for BSC. The label´s online sales infrastructure has now been adapted to the BSC’s eco system.



All our fashion is durable, sustainable, Eco, Fair and produced in Italy adhering to highest ethical standards. Our new BSC store and manufacture is a hub for direct client interaction and instant feedback and doubles as a meeting point and creative factory for new designs and artistic input. What better cradle for our clothing and accessories! We treat everyone from our tailors and models to our designers and advisors with the same respect and choose to do business with companies and people that share our values. We love what we do and how we do it.


All members of the BSC family share the same fundamental ethical values and practice sustainability in their day to day lives. In addition to being friends, we are also closely connected as active musicians providing us with an additional source for creative intuition, dimension for exchange, and level of communication.

We experience that this forms an excellent foundation for our unity and much required stability that we need to guide us through in these uncertain times never losing aim of our common goal. The temptation to cut corners is foreign to us. The freedom to go about our business the way we believe is right has come at a high and to us invaluable price. That is why we love what we do and how we do it.

We highly appreciate the interaction with our customers and are grateful to be able to contribute to the greater good of all by slowly growing our truly sustainable BSC brand.