How we work

The Fabrics

THE BAD SEEDS COMPANY is committed to the exclusive use of sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics. Renewable resources that grow in the European territory and therefore do not have to be transported to the other side of the world play a particularly important role for us. 

We follow this philosophy where we can.  

Not all raw materials we use are in possession of an eco-bio certification. We consider certifications where they make sense.
Hemp is considered as the most environmentally friendly fabric, in fact hemp does not need pesticides, much less since it is not intensive cultivation.
In addition small producers add hemp seeds to seeding with a high THC value that protects the plant naturally from enemies.
A certification of the supply chain would have considerable costs.

The Production

THE BAD SEEDS COMPANY invests this money in workers and production. Our articles are produced and processed exclusively in medium-sized companies in Italy, where the workforce has a family tradition.

Our clothes were made by us in our sewing workshop in Egna (South Tyrol/Italy) and the 100% hemp jeans collection in a sewing shop in the smallest region of Italy which is called Molise by artisans with great ability and attention to detail.

2nd LIFE is synonymous for our hand-knitted sweaters made of 100 % recycled Jeans cotton. Old jeans are being cut into small pieces and a fleece arises from it, which can be spun now to "new" thread.
The water and energy consumption is very low. The knitting factory we work with is located in Galatone/Puglia in Italy. We have a wonderful collaboration over the last 8 years.

Personal contact with our customers and our partners is a concept that we take seriously.

Fair trade is a particularly important goal for us.

We know our tailors and knitters personally.

Our clothes are 100% VEGAN, for their production no animal products have been used. We have the PETA seal, because we have all the 100% VEGAN APPROVED criteria.